Skiservice - Snowboard­service

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Schleifroboter Wintersteiger Mercury

Wintersteiger Mercury

Fir tree? Wave? Cross-shifted?

You're asking yourself, "What does this have to do with ski service?"

Besides sharp edges and fast wax, the structure of the base is crucial for the ski's riding characteristics. Each snow requires its own structure to get the best out of the ski.
The grinding robot from Wintersteiger, thanks to diamond grinding, ensures the most precise edge angles, which we are very happy to adapt to the customer's wishes. 

Technique, flair and a trained eye

These 3 components are needed for a perfect result when servicing skis.

Technology alone is not everything and only the trained eye of our team and the knowledge of which cut is best for which snow conditions lead to success. Finally, a ski or snowboard that provides grip on the piste also contributes to the athlete's safety. 

On artificial snow we recommend to bring the skis or board back to the service after 7 ski days.

P.S.: Our rental items are serviced after every rental.

Kontrolle der Kanten
Grosser Skiservice

Big Skiservice

  • Repairing the base
  • Surface structure
  • Edge grinding with ceramic cup wheels
  • Hot waxing 
  • Polishing

CHF 55.-- 

Our recommendation: 
With infrared wax: CHF 60.--

Kleiner Skiservice

Small Skiservice

  • Surface structure
  • Edge grinding with ceramic cup wheels
  • Hot waxing
  • Polishing

CHF 45.--

Our recommendation: 
With infrared wax: CHF 50.--

Infrarot Wachs

Infrared wax

The heat of the infrared light opens the pores of the ski base and the wax penetrates much deeper into the base. This way it stays longer on the ski and additionally cares for the ski or snowboard base.

infrared wax:
CHF 15.--