Luxury treatments for skis and boards

We are equipped with a new CNC-controlled tuning robot (Mercury) and can tune your equipment so that it matches your skill level perfectly.

Your skis only keep their handling characteristics with regular servicing.

Drop them in today, pick them up tomorrow!

  Major service(base repair, base structuring, sharpening of edges, waxing and polishing)   45.00 CHF
  Normal service (base structuring, sharpening of edges, waxing and polishing)   35.00 CHF
  Mini Service (sharpening of edges, waxing and polishing)   25.00 CHF

Why is it so important that running surfaces and edges are treated optimally?

  • Maximum fun on the slopes
  • Maximum safety
  • Easier to get moving
  • Better directional stability
  • Optimum edge grip on all slopes and in all snow conditions

Our services:

  • Adjustment of bindings
  • Base repair
  • Side edge tuning
  • Stone grinding
  • Ceramic disc finish
  • Tuning
  • Waxing + polishing

 Ceramic disc finish
The side edges are ground with special ceramic grinding discs. This ceramic disc finish results in a fine, smooth edge surface, and the skis perform as when they were new.

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